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Launch of the website

Marlon Baker Monday, 15. July 2019 from Marlon Baker

We are ready to go

We are launching our new website

Today was a big step for us, as we have launched the new website for the Café Wunderbar. We also made arragements with a German company to offer their great products in our Café. From now on we will serve all teas, coffees and smaller dishes with the "talking cups and jugs" very well knowing throughout the world as the "crazy cups" as well ...

We're the only Café on the Isle of Wight having a great variety of these cups, jugs and bowls on stock.

Why we haven't purchased the domain wunderbar.uk has the reason, that the domain holder wanted to have at least £1.000 just for the domain. Therefore we have registered the domains cafewunderbar.uk and cafewunderbar.co.uk to make it even clearer for our customers that we are a Café and not a Bar or Pub. This leaves us a better budget for the location and decoration now.

Today we also added the first content to our new website.

Hope you like it!

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