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Wunderbar on the Isle of Wight

Marlon Baker Friday, 12. July 2019 from Marlon Baker

Facebook Research

Welcome to the Isle of Wight

Today, I have asked the group members of two Facebook groups about their opinion, if I would be welcomed on the Isle of Weight: "Would you like the idea when I will open a German / English cafe on the island? It would look like the one you see on the photos, with the best of both countries."

I have posted that in the groups Isle of Wight Newbies and Isle Of Wight Overners, and was sheer amazed how many people gave me a thumb up for my plan of opening a cafe on the Isle of Wight. Especially they liked the idea of offering German Käsekuchen, Bienenstich and Apfelkuchen, as well as Austrian Kaiserschmarren and many other specialties I will offer ...

That was like an invatation and a warm welcome to come to the island as quickly as possible. So my journey will continue, and now I'm looking for the right location to open my Café Wunderbar as soon as possible.

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